Dentures or Dental Implants?

Dentures and dental implants are two of the most popular solutions for replacing multiple teeth. But how do you know which option is the right one for you? Dr. Cappy Sinclair at Coastal Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry discusses why he recommends getting dental implants versus dentures.

About Dentures

Removable dentures usually replace an entire arch of upper or lower missing teeth. They consist of a resin and metal base, with plastic or ceramic teeth. dentures are less expensive and cost less than dental implants. You’re able to get dentures quicker than you can get dental implants.

Your face remains in shape, so you no longer have the sagging effect that comes with missing teeth. You’re also able to eat comfortably again using complete dentures.

However, dentures can feel huge and bulky in your mouth. Some types of dentures don’t feel or look like natural teeth. Using dentures comes with a bit of a learning curve in your everyday life as well. You have to adjust to speaking with them since they don’t initially feel normal.

You only get about 30-40% of your bite function back with dentures, meaning that you may have to eliminate certain things from your diet.

To maintain dentures, you will take them out every night for cleaning. Dentures also require adhesive to stay in place. When you lose teeth, your jawbone deteriorates, and dentures don’t prevent this. So, you will need to readjust and replace them a couple times over your lifetime.

They’ll fit differently with the length of time that you wear them. If your dentures are ill-fitting, they can rub your gums uncomfortably and cause pain.

About Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of three different parts. A titanium post is what the dentist actually places into your jawbone. Then, an abutment attaches to the top of the post, connecting it to the final restoration.

Last, the final restoration is usually a dental crown. However, dental implants can also support a dental bridge or fixed denture.

Implants are the only restoration that replaces the tooth at the root. This prevents more decay of your jawbone, and also stimulates jaw bone growth. The jawbone grows and fuses with the titanium implant. Thus giving you extra stability and making the restoration feel more natural.

Implants are costlier in the short-term than dentures. But you don’t have to get them replaced or adjusted down the line. They also take longer because there’s a surgical process involved.

The implants in your jaw need to heal completely before the process continues. This takes around 3-6 months. This healing time is crucial for the success of the implant prosthetic. With implants, you get 100% of your bite function back.

You don’t have to impose any restrictions on your diet. There’s no learning curve to using implants because they feel like natural teeth in your mouth. Especially with dental crowns as your final restoration. Dental implants don’t need any extra maintenance as long as you keep brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist.

Getting Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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