Multiple Dental Implants Virginia Beach

Some of our patients are missing teeth or need to have multiple teeth removed. Lost teeth create a significant gap in their smile, leading to many health and speech issues. In addition, patients with many missing teeth may experience a drop in self-confidence, especially if it’s their front teeth. Multiple missing teeth can also lead to speech issues and chewing difficulties. But, most importantly, the patient will suffer from bone loss resulting in changes to their facial structure, such as premature facial sagging. Missing teeth will give them that saggy, sunken-in look that can add years to their appearance.

If you have several consecutive missing teeth, Dr. Cappy Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley recommend a dental bridge supported by dental implants in Virginia Beach, VA. No other option offers the same level of stability or function. Dental implant-supported restorations are considered the next best option after natural teeth. Dr. Sinclair or Dr. Reichley will evaluate your teeth and oral health to determine if you qualify for teeth implants.

multiple dental implants in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Installing an Implant-Supported Bridge in Virginia Beach, VA

Your dentist will spend a significant amount of time in the pre-treatment and planning phase. Since no two patients are the same, a personalized treatment plan is necessary to get predictable and successful results.

We work off your treatment plan to secure at least two dental implant posts in the jaw. These posts will serve as anchors for the dental bridge. Dental implants need about two to six months to fully fuse with the surrounding jaw bone.

Once fully healed, we will secure a custom-designed dental bridge to the implants at our Virginia Beach office. The implant-secured dental bridge will blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Other Multiple Missing Teeth Replacement Options

Alternatives to replacing multiple missing teeth include a removable partial denture or a fixed dental bridge supported by natural teeth. An anchor supports this type of dental bridge on both sides of the gap. Instead of using dental implants, Dr. Sinclair or Dr. Reichley would use two anchor teeth that must be ground down to accommodate the bridge.

Compared to dental implants, a dental bridge is the more affordable replacement option. The major downfall is it will not prevent bone loss since it will not replace the tooth root. They will eventually require maintenance, repair, or replacement and may cost more than implants in the long run.

A removable partial denture is also a more affordable option but has significant flaws. They may feel awkward and are hard to get used to. Its function is not even comparable to a dental implant secured bridge. They are made of plastic and metal which is often seen when smiling. This option also does not prevent bone loss.

Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, VA

  • Only fixed and permanent option
  • Very stable and durable allowing for better chewing ability
  • Prevents bone loss, preserving the facial structure and appearance
  • Much more comfortable than a bridged anchored with teeth and a partial denture
  • Adjacent teeth are not harmed

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