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Root Canal Virginia Beach, VA

Root Canal An Overview

As the tooth cavity gets larger, you may experience symptoms such as toothache, tooth sensitivity, pain when eating hot or cold foods and beverages, visible holes in teeth, or pus around the tooth and gums.

The term “root canal” actually refers to the natural cavity at the center of the tooth. The tooth’s nerve is located inside the root canal, surrounded by soft tissue called pulp. If the tooth is damaged or has decay, bacteria and debris can enter into the root canal area and cause an infection.

In most cases, it is more beneficial to save the natural tooth via root canal therapy than have the tooth extracted. The procedure is relatively simple and typically completed in our Virginia Beach office. When a specialist is needed, Dr. Sinclair will coordinate your treatment plan with an endodontist.

Root Canal What to Expect

Dr. Sinclair will numb the tooth and then make a small hole to access the tooth chamber. Using special tools, he will remove infected tissue and damage nerves. The tooth is then filled with a compound called gutta percha.

Usually, the tooth is temporarily sealed with a filling while the dental crown is being fabricated. We have CAD/CAM technology in our office, so it may be the case that your dental crown can be made while you wait and placed in the same visit.