All About Root Canals

Many patients may think that root canals are unpleasant and painful, however, root canals often relieve tooth pain. Virginia Beach dentist Dr. Cappy Sinclair offers root canal treatment to remove an infection from teeth. A root canal procedure is necessary when the tissues inside your tooth, or the pulp, are infected. Bacteria can enter through a cavity or a chip or crack in the surface of your tooth enamel. Infection in the tooth pulp can spread down into the tissues of your gums and can become an abscess, which is a very severe and painful infection that can be dangerous to your overall health. If you have tooth pain, schedule an appointment with us online. You may need a root canal.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

Signs that root canal treatment may be necessary include tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, sensitivity while chewing, and inflamed and sensitive gums around the tooth. Schedule a dental exam as soon as possible if you have these symptoms so that Dr. Sinclair can determine if a root canal is necessary and appropriate for your condition. He may refer you to an endodontist, a dental specialist that focuses on treating the interior of your teeth.

The Root Canal Procedure

To begin treatment, your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, your dentist or endodontist drills down into the crown of your infected tooth and remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth and the root canals. Once the infected pulp has been removed, a biocompatible material is inserted to temporarily fill the interior of your tooth until restoration can begin.

For some patients, a tiny metal rod may need to be placed in the root to secure the treated tooth. Your dentist will create a dental crown to be placed over the treated tooth. Within several days, the swelling of the inflamed tissues will recede and the new tooth can be used just like your natural teeth.