Invisalign in Virginia Beach

Crooked or overlapping teeth are not just a potential source of embarrassment about your smile. They can also negatively impact your oral health by altering the stability and function of your bite, which could lead to problems down the road.…


Root Canal Treatment in Virginia Beach

Do you have sensitive teeth? Do you feel tooth pain when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and drinks? You may have a tooth infection. Infection can be removed with a root canal procedure. The root canal is the…


Do I Need a Filling?

Do you feel as if the dentist tells you need another filling at each and every visit? Dentists like the professionals at Coastal Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA want you to know the warning signs that can…


Tips to Manage Dental Anxiety

For some of us, just thinking about sitting in the dentist’s chair causes us a feeling of dread. You might be worried about pain or maybe you know you haven’t been examined in a while and you’re afraid of what…


Will Insurance Cover My Dental Implants?

Getting straight answers about what’s covered by health and dental insurance coverage can be confusing, especially for specialty procedures like dental implants. Patients often ask their dentist whether their insurance will cover the cost of dental implants, but it can…


Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Testimonials

Dr. Cappy Sinclair and the staff of Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry are passionate about providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Learn what patients have to say below: I am always so happy to go to see Dr. Cappy Sinclair…


Is It Too Late For Invisalign?

Are you tired of living with crooked or overlapping teeth? Does feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile have you down? Crooked teeth are problematic for more than cosmetic reasons. They can also negatively affect your oral health by impacting…


Your Teeth Are Looking Out For You

It has been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul” but, for dentists like the skilled professionals at Coastal Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA, the mouth can be a “window” to your overall health.…


Restorative Dental Treatment Options

Do you have missing teeth? Do you hide your smile because you're embarrassed of your missing teeth? Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry offers restorative dental options that improve the appearance of teeth and overall oral health. Common Causes of Missing Teeth Teeth…


Sugar Can Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Dentists have been telling us that sugar is bad for our teeth for decades, but health information is always changing. One day you may read that something is bad for you and the next day it's good it seems. But,…