The Horrors Of Hard Candy

The month of October can be “sugar season” as Halloween candy fills the store shelves and your kitchen cabinet. There are bowls of treats everywhere just waiting to trick your teeth! Don’t give Dr. Cappy Sinclair a fright at your next dental visit; watch your candy consumption this Halloween- and choose wisely.

Moderation is key, and some candy choices are more damaging to our oral health than others. If you want to enjoy a piece of candy, try to avoid hard candies or sticky taffy that you keep in your mouth for extended periods of time. They stick like glue to your teeth and gums. Hard candy is your dentist’s worst nightmare because chewing them can damage teeth and they create a suitable environment for the rapid growth of harmful bacteria. Tiny pieces of hard candy can also become wedged in the smallest spaces between your teeth. Because of its sticky nature, it becomes close to impossible to remove with just regular flossing or brushing.

Because of the increase in the consumption of sweets during the upcoming holiday season, now is a great time of year to schedule your routine tooth cleaning with DR. Sinclair at our convenient Virginia Beach, VA location.

Don’t Ruin Dental Work

If you have had any recent dental work done, especially crowns or braces, we highly recommend avoiding those hard or sticky candies! Do not undo all that time, money and hard work spent refining your healthy smile. Hard and sticky candies can also break braces and other dental restorations, leaving you with expensive repairs and potentially in a lot of pain. Avoid hard and sticky candies to keep this Halloween from turning into a dental horror flick!

But, it’s Halloween!

After a party, brush your teeth and floss if possible, or bring some mouthwash with you to rinse away that sugary residue. If you’re eating candy, drink water instead of sugary juice or soda. Eating candy after a meal is ideal, this way your saliva production is already increased, helping to wash away the sugar build up. If possible, enjoy a piece of ADA approved sugar free gum instead of the more damaging options available in that bag of Halloween candy.

Schedule a dental cleaning with Dr. Sinclair today to clean away the damage of spooky sugar. Dr. Sinclair will provide you with a comprehensive oral exam to help you maintain your best smile for the holidays.