How Long is Too Long to Wait for Dental Implants?

When you lose a tooth, it could start having an effect on your oral health right away. Failure to address tooth loss may lead to worsening conditions such as jaw disorders, facial sagging, and bone density loss. When considering dental implants in Virginia Beach, VA, it’s usually a good idea to act sooner rather than later. While you may still be able to get an implant after some time has passed, you often have better odds of success soon after a tooth is lost. If you aren’t eligible for dental implants right away, temporary treatment could be available in the meantime.

Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, VA are often beneficial soon after tooth loss

When to Get Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, VA

Ideally, you should get a dental implant as soon as possible after losing a tooth. In the event of a planned tooth extraction, your dentist will likely try to coordinate your treatment to include extraction and implant placement at the same time. If you lose a tooth unexpectedly, you could still be able to get an implant right away. 

The longer you wait to seek implant dentistry, the more likely you are to need pretreatment before surgery. Bone density loss is common with tooth loss, and you can lose more bone density as time goes on. If you lose too much, you may need bone grafting to help support your dental implant. Teeth shifting can also cause problems with an implant, and you may need orthodontic treatment first. 

How Long is Too Long?

It’s best to get your implant scheduled as soon as possible after tooth loss. Not only can you suffer bone density loss and tooth shifting, but tooth loss also increases your risk of developing decay and gum disease. Every patient is different, and some patients can go years without bone loss while others may suffer bone loss after a few weeks. Placing an implant within one month of tooth loss is often your best bet to ensure the implant integrates successfully.

Temporary Solutions

Sometimes, you may not be able to get a dental implant right away, either for oral health or financial reasons. In these cases, however, you shouldn’t just let your tooth loss sit untreated. There are a few temporary replacement options that could help protect your teeth and gums while waiting for implant placement. A common example would be a partial denture. If you need an implant-supported bridge, a partial denture could help your teeth maintain their hygiene and position while waiting for surgery. Your dentist can help you determine which temporary treatment is best for your oral health. 

If you have tooth loss, dental implants could help improve your jaw strength and bite stability. At Coastal Cosmetic + Implant Dentistry, we strive to coordinate your treatment for optimal implant placement. Call us today at 757-656-6368 to schedule a consultation and start the implant process as soon as possible.