GERD: Cause and Effect On Oral Health

GERD, or acid reflux, affects as many as 33% of the adults in the United States. This common medical concern is not just affecting your health, it may be deteriorating your teeth and gums. Recent studies suggest a strong tie between oral and overall health. Taking care of your smile may help to care for your whole body. Virginia Beach dentist Dr. Cappy Sinclair dedicates his dental practice to helping patients achieve harmony between their healthy smiles and healthy bodies.

What Causes GERD?

GERD is caused by stomach acids entering the esophagus. Stomach acid helps break down food and moderates bacteria in your gut. Useful and normal in your stomach, it can cause damage to your esophagus, teeth and gums. Stomach acid can begin to erode your teeth with prolonged exposure. The acid breaks down the protective enamel layer on your teeth. Enamel erosion can cause tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. Medications, genetics or certain lifestyle habits such as tobacco use may increase your risk of developing GERD.

Damage of Acid Reflux

Halitosis, or bad breath, can be a sign you may be suffering from Acid reflux. Excessive belching, frequent heartburn and daily nausea may all be signs of habitual GERD. If you feel you be suffering from GERD, contact our Virginia Beach dentist office and schedule an appointment. Dr. Sinclair can help diagnose your ACID Reflux and may be able to repair some of the damage done to your teeth and gums.

GERD may be a cause of dry mouth. Dry mouth is linked to increased development of cavities in adult patients. Tooth decay, cavities, and even tooth loss are possible if dry mouth goes untreated. GERD may make it difficult to swallow and lead to frequent regurgitation of food or choking episodes.

Visit The Dentist in Virginia Beach, VA

Routine dental visits can help in early diagnosis of damage caused by GERD. Tooth erosion is irreversible, but if caught early, Dr. Sinclair may be able to stop further damage. Our Virginia Beach dentist office focuses on offering patients comprehensive and quality dental care. Dr. Sinclair will offer patients conservative treatment options that will help achieve a beautiful, functional and healthy smile.