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Virginia Beach Dentist Peforms Dental Bridges and Dental Crowns

If your teeth are currently damaged or decaying, you may feel as though you have no options. However, this is entirely untrue. In fact, there are dental solutions that can restore your teeth back to good condition so that decay and damage become problems of the past. Dr. Sinclair is a local dentist of the Virginia Beach area who provides general dentistry and restorative dentistry services at the Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry office. Dr. Sinclair uses advanced dental technology to restore the teeth with several dental procedures, including dental crowns and dental bridges. These particular procedures will allow you to get your teeth back into good health. If you are missing teeth, along with damage and decay, Dr. Sinclair will be able to use the dental bridge as a way to restore your teeth and improve your smile.

Dr. Sinclair offers porcelain dental crowns to his patients. Porcelain is considered one of the strongest materials to use for these crowns, which is the reason he chooses this option. The dental crown is designed to look like a natural tooth and it is placed over top of your tooth that has damage or is decaying. The good thing about visiting this dentist office in Virginia Beach, aside from being able to improve your smile, is that Dr. Sinclair is able to offer his patients a dental crown in just one day. Other dentists typically require several visits before the dental crowns are placed over the teeth. However, Dr. Sinclair evaluates the teeth, designs and develops the crown, and is able to cement it all during one visit to his dentist office.

Receiving dental crowns is not a lengthy process. Most patients describe the process as painless as well. You may be fearful that this process will take a while but it is easily broken down into steps. The dental bridges offered at the dentist office in Virginia Beach are also a fairly simple process. The dental bridge creates a bridge by replacing a tooth or several teeth that are missing. It will improve your smile and also allow you to eat comfortably, which may have been a problem beforehand if your teeth were missing. As a dentist in Virginia Beach, Dr. Sinclair is devoted to helping his patients with their teeth and he will be able to help you too.