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PerioSciences at Virginia Beach Dentist Office

Did you know your saliva has natural antibacterial and natural antioxidants? PerioSciences is designed to work with these natural agents! No harsh chemicals!

Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Reichley are proud to offer their patients PerioSciences, a powerful over-the-counter oral health routine backed by rigorous research. These antioxidant-based oral care products work alongside with the body’s natural defense system instead depending solely on bacteria killing ingredients.

The everyday oral health care products we are used to using everyday have agents such as hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Both of these can kill bacteria but will also cause other side effects. Alcohol is known to dry out the oral tissue and hydrogen peroxide can lead to inflammation.

Oral Care Products to Meet the Patient’s Need

PerioSciences has many products that focus on patients’ needs such as fresh breath, maximizing oral health, dry mouth, taste changes, stained teeth and oral disease that have side effects such as inflammation and infection. The products they offer include an antioxidant infused dental gel, mouth rinses and toothpastes.

Our Virginia Beach dentist office supplies our patients with all of these products.

AO ProVantage: Dr. Sinclair or Dr. Reichley will recommend this topical antioxidant infused dental gel to reduce inflammation, enhance healing and fight bacteria. It is used on patients who suffer from gingivitis, periodontitis, lesions from smokeless tobacco, gum inflammation, mouth ulcers, and many other things to aid in healing.

He will use it on patients after almost any dental procedure to aid in healing such as scaling and root planing, extractions, and cosmetic procedures. The uses for AO ProVantage really are endless. It has a cool, minty taste that will leave your breath fresh.

AO Rinse and Toothpaste: AO ProRinse is recommended as part of a regular oral hygiene routine. This oral rinse should be used after brushing your teeth. AO ProToothpaste contains fluoride and is recommended to be used as you would regular toothpaste.

You should brush your teeth with this after each meal, or as your dentist prescribes, or at least twice a day. Each formula promotes fresh breath and strong teeth. There are four product lines/formulas to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

  • AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste White Care formula: This line is for people who have had whitening treatments or used whitening strips. It will help prevent stains from foods and beverages thus extending your whitening results.
  • AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste Hydrating formula: This line has no abrasions and has a multifunctional formula. Cool, mildly minty and pleasant tasting, it has helped many patients who suffer from dry mouth and the sensation of dehydration while leaving them with fresh breath.
  • AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste Natural formula: This line contains no harsh chemicals. It contains no alcohol, fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It is a unique formula that will promote oral health in a natural way
  • AO ProRinse and AO ProToothpaste Sensitive formula: This line is geared towards our patients with sensitive teeth and sensitive gums. The toothpaste contains fluoride and potassium nitrate to actively fight tooth decay while combating sensitivity to heat, cold, acids and sweets.

Order Yours Today

If you would like to learn more about the PerioSciences oral hygiene products, contact our Virginia Beach dentist office today. We can help you figure out which formula/products will best suite your needs and will order it for you. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (757) 453-7657, or request an appointment online today.