Laser Dentistry Norfolk, VA

Laser dentistry is useful in treating the gums and soft tissues of the mouth that have become compromised from periodontal disease. Dental lasers can remove diseased or damaged tissue while stimulating the body’s natural healing response for a faster recovery. Laser dentistry allows your dentist to provide a pain-free and needle-free procedure that will leave you feeling clean and comfortable.

Coastal Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has added this advanced dental technology to their practice to reduce pain and improve the patient experience. Many patients suffer from dental anxiety or fear of the dentist and avoid their regular dental checks, sometimes for many years.

This leaves them susceptible to dental issues such as gum disease. With the use of dental lasers, Dr. Cappy Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley can eliminate the diseased tissue with very little pain. The patient will not even need to be numbed before treatment so no needles are necessary to treat the gum disease.

It also does not produce any noise unlike a typical dental drill. Many of our patients who suffer from dental anxiety enjoy laser dentistry due to the reduction in pain and also because it’s less invasive.

The Waterlase Dental Laser

Laser Dentistry for pain-free procedures Norfolk, VA

Dr. Cappy Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley utilize The Waterlase dental laser in their Virginia Beach, VA dentist offices to treat and repair damaged or diseased gum tissue due to gum disease that may have previously required oral surgery.

The Waterlase dental laser can also stimulate healthy bone regrowth when used to remove tooth enamel decay. A precision instrument, the dental laser reduces the damage to adjacent tissue and healthy tooth structure. Damage can occur more often when using drills and scalpels to remove diseased tissue or decay.

The Wasterlase Laser produces no vibrations or friction allowing for a comfortable treatment and an overall positive experience to the dentist.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental technology has advanced greatly over the years allowing dentists to offer their patients pain-free, minimally invasive dental treatments. Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Mark Reichley use laser dentistry in their general dentistry practices which provides several key benefits for patients including:

  • More comfortable dental treatments and visits to the dentist office
  • Performs more precise dental services to avoid multiple dentist visits
  • Minimizes pain versus more invasive dental tools
  • Less downtime so you can get back to your life
  • Minimal bleeding helps reduce recovery time
  • Avoid the use of stitches for a seamless result
  • Immediate results!