Teeth Whitening Norfolk VA

It is natural for teeth to darken over time. Certain food and drink, such as coffee, tea, and sodas, can cause yellow or brown stains on teeth. Childhood medications or illnesses, tobacco use or improper oral hygiene are also reasons your teeth may become discolored. Teeth whitening is an affordable, easy solution to this problem and can brighten your smile.

Dr. Cappy Sinclair offers teeth whitening in his Norfolk, VA dentist office. You can choose from in-office treatment, at home treatment, and a combination of the two. We only use carefully selected professional tooth whitening brands that yield optimal results with minimal sensitivity to teeth and gums. Dr. Sinclair may suggest teeth whitening combined with other restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures for a total smile makeover.

There are many options available in store and online that promise to whiten teeth just as good as professional whitening. This is likely untrue because whitening performed in a dentist office has a higher concentration of bleaching material. This can only be used in a professional setting and is the reason you can attain whiter teeth in just one visit. Over the counter options rely on you to apply the whitening agent. You will likely get better results and a more even distribution by having an experienced dentist apply the bleach. Also, with a dentist present, there is little chance of damaging your teeth or gums. Even though there are cheaper options available, it is best to have an experienced dentist whiten your teeth for safety reasons and better results.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry offers professional in-office teeth whitening in our Norfolk, VA cosmetic dentistry office. Using high quality bleaching agents for reduced sensitivity, it can address most tooth stains for a whiter smile in about an hour. We will ensure that the whitening agent is delivered consistently and safely during your treatment for the best possible result.

Our in-office teeth whitening system can give you a brighter, whiter smile without the wait. In less than one hour, you can get instant teeth whitening gratification. This is ideal for our patients that need a perfect smile for a major event coming up. These beautiful results can last a year or more with good oral hygiene and avoiding common lifestyle habits that stain and darken the teeth such as tobacco use/smoking, dark foods and dark beverages.

At Home Teeth Whitening

Many patients prefer the convenience of professional at-home teeth whitening kits. This type of treatment includes a custom fit professional whitening tray. Your dentist in Virginia Beach VA, Dr. Sinclair, will create your custom bleaching trays so that they fit perfectly against your teeth and gums for minimal sensitivity and even whitening of the teeth.

At home teeth whitening treatment takes place over a number of weeks where the trays are worn either during the day or overnight, depending on the patient, for a set amount of time.

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