Getting a Single Dental Implant

At Coastal Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, Dr. Cappy Sinclair offers multiple types of dental implants in Virginia Beach, VA. A single dental implant is used when only one tooth needs to be replaced. This can be due to a knocked-out tooth or a tooth that’s experienced severe trauma or tooth decay.virginia beach, va dental implants

Why Get a Single Dental Implant?

Particularly if your missing tooth is towards the back of the mouth, you may not think that losing one is a big deal. However, when you lose even a single tooth, it has a big impact on your mouth. Without the tooth root, the jawbone in the area where you lost the tooth will begin to deteriorate. This can make your face sag and impact the teeth around it as well.

Because there’s a hole left by your tooth, the rest of your teeth will try to move to fix the gap. You may get awkward spacing in your teeth and need something like Invisalign to even your smile back out. You’ll have an uneven bite that may be painful for you and make it hard for you to speak and eat.

Single Dental Implants Vs. Other Options

There are a couple of other options to replace a single tooth. For instance, a dental bridge can be used. However, with a dental bridge, it requires two of your natural teeth to support it. They have to be reduced and worn down to support the bridge. It makes them more susceptible to tooth decay and other problems.

A partial denture can also be used to replace a missing tooth. With this, metal clasps are used to hold the device in place. These clasps are extremely noticeable when you’re speaking, eating, and smiling. A partial denture isn’t very durable, either. You’ll be limited to certain foods because the partial is unable to break down others.

The Single Dental Implant Process

Before getting a dental implant, you’ll first have a consultation with a dentist. We’ll talk to you about your goals and budget. One of the hindrances of dental implants is that they can be pricey. However, we’ll do all we can to help. Implants also last longer than other restoration options and won’t incur further costs down the line.

During the consultation, a full oral exam will be performed as well. To get dental implants, you have to be in good health. A certain amount of jawbone will also be necessary before you can get an implant. This is necessary to give the implant the stability it needs.

If you’re approved to get implants, the surgical portion will come first. A titanium post will be placed in the jaw using technology that has determined the ideal placement for the post. It’ll take about 3-6 months for this to heal and fuse with your jawbone. An abutment will be attached to connect the post to the final restoration. A dental crown will be placed that’s customized to blend in with the rest of your smile.

Getting Dental Implants in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Do you think a single dental implant is the right choice to replace your missing tooth? Call us or schedule an appointment online.