Replace Missing Teeth in Virginia Beach, VA

“[A patient] had been holding out on the few teeth that she had because she was afraid of what she thought the only option was….dentures. She had heard horror stories about dentures and was terrified of the outcome. Well, we provided her another option of teeth that are not removable as are fixed to dental implants. In one appointment we were able to place ten dental implants on the top and bottom jaws and place healing teeth that were fixed in place to the implants. After a few months of healing, we were able to place the final teeth and give Tabitha a solution that didn’t involve removable teeth. Are you looking for another solution for loose and missing teeth? We can help.”

Restore Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

At Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry in Virginia Beach, VA, Dr. Cappy Sinclair, and our dental care team are committed to helping our patients achieve their ideal smile through personalized, advanced dentistry solutions.

We understand that missing teeth can be embarrassing, so we work with you to find the right solution to replace your missing teeth. We offer a full range of restorative dentistry solutions to address patients missing one or more teeth. Dr. Sinclair and our dental care team can walk you through your tooth replacement options and work with you to make an informed decision on choosing the right tooth replacement option. When applicable, we may recommend dental implants.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that mimics the structure of the natural tooth root. Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jawbone, creating a stable foundation to support a dental crown, denture, or dental bridge.

Dental implants are one of the most effective, longest lasting, and natural looking tooth replacement options on the market. Dental implants have the highest success rate and patient satisfaction rate when compared to other tooth replacement options.

Are dental implants right for you?

Dr. Sinclair is a highly trained dentist in Virginia Beach VA. Dr. Sinclair will perform a fill comprehensive exam to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the dental implant procedure. If dental implants are not right for you, Dr. Sinclair will work with you to find the ideal tooth replacement option for your cosmetic and oral health goals.

Dental implant process

If a dental implant is right for you, Dr. Sinclair will work with a local implants surgeon to plan out your treatment and to ensure quality results. After the dental implant is implanted into the jaw bone, it will need 3-6 months to heal fully. During this time, you may be given a temporary crown or bridge to aid the healing process. Once the dental implant fully heals, Dr. Sinclair will permanently secure a custom designed dental crown, denture, or dental bridge.

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