Protect Your Children’s Oral Health

Recent studies show that the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, is tooth decay. More than 50% of first graders and nearly 80% of high schoolers have at least one cavity. Virginia Beach family dentist Dr. Cappy Sinclair stresses the importance of consistent dental check ups throughout childhood and all through adulthood.

It is essential to schedule a dentist visit for your child at the first sign of their first tooth is erupting. Your child is born with their teeth and they sit below the gum line. Even before their teeth emerge, they are being affected by what goes in their mouth. To help care for your child’s early dental health always avoid sugary beverages, and never let your baby sleep with a bottle.

As your child grows and their teeth continue to develop they should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Professional dental cleanings can help deter later development of advanced dental concerns and the development of childhood cavities. Regular visits to the dentist as your children’s teeth develop will help our dental care team track their oral health. Understanding the development of their teeth will allow for earlier and potentially more effective dental treatments.

Dr. Sinclair offers white fillings should your child develop cavities. White fillings are durable and effective at capping a cavity and will not deter from the aesthetics of your child’s smile.

As part of our family dentistry we offer children education on proper oral hygiene. We can help your children learn how to brush well and floss regularly in a fun and comfortable setting. Dr. Sinclair will develop a trusting patient doctor relationship to help your child feel secure and safe. Oral health is directly linked to the health of your entire body. Regular visits to the dentist will help set your child up for a healthy life.

Family dentist Dr. Sinclair provides quality dental care for patients of all ages. Highly trained in the oral health needs of all stages of life, Dr. Sinclair can treat your whole family from the comfort of his Virginia Beach dentist office. Family dentistry offers patients the convenience of one stop dentistry. Schedule your next appointment online, or contact our office. Dr. Sinclair and our entire dental care team welcomes new patients of all ages.