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Dental Implants: Permanent Replacement for Missing Teeth

Patients who have lost a tooth, or several teeth, have a variety of replacement options thanks to the many advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. At Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry in Virginia Beach, Dr. Cappy Sinclair offers his dental patients cosmetic and restorative treatments for missing teeth, including dental implants.

Dental implants have become the “gold standard” for replacing a missing tooth and for securing dentures, providing patients with results that both feel and look natural. With dental implants, patients do not have to live with dietary restrictions that are recommended to prevent slippage of removable oral appliances. Dental implants become a permanent, natural part of the occlusal system: the crown or prosthetic tooth is held securely in place by a surgically implanted post.

Dr. Sinclair will spend time to perform a thorough evaluation of a patient’s oral health to determine their candidacy for dental implants: there must be enough jaw bone to support the post and the patient should be of general good health. Dr. Sinclair will also create a personalized treatment plan for each patient, coordinating the surgical phase with an oral surgeon and following up to ensure that progress is optimal. Most patients will experience minor swelling and tenderness for 2-3 days post surgery.

The entire process typically takes 6-9 months, with 3-6 months needed for the jaw to heal after surgery and the implanted post to fuse with the surrounding bone. During the healing process, Dr. Sinclair will place a temporary crown so that patients can function normally.

Once the healing process is complete, Dr. Sinclair will place the final restoration. In cases where several teeth are being replaced, a denture or bridge will be attached to the dental implants which will serve as permanent anchors for the dental appliance.

With a success rate of over 95%, dental implants will provide patients with comfortable, long lasting results that allow them to function normally and maintain oral health- with proper at home oral hygiene and regular preventive care visits. Dental implants will help to prevent bone and gum shrinkage which typically occurs when a tooth is lost.

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