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Dental Technology Benefits both Doctor and Patient

Modern technology has become a part of our daily lives and we have come to appreciate the ways in which it can make things easier and more convenient! Dental technology can offer the same to today’s dentistry patients- technology has enabled Dr. Sinclair to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatment and patients benefit from the use of technology to reduce pain, bleeding and recovery time.

Dr. Sinclair has incorporated some of the latest that dental technology has to offer in treating his Virginia Beach area patients. He uses several types of digital technology for imaging and diagnosis:

  • Digital X-rays: using digital x-rays provides Dr. Sinclair with crystal clear pictures of all structures in the mouth while reducing radiation exposure by up to 90%. The digitized images are then stored in the patients permanent record for future use and reference;
  • Digital Bite analysis: using T-scan technology, this advanced type of oral analysis provides Dr. Sinclair with important feedback on the alignment and force of the bite- this is critical in diagnosing and planning the correct treatment for bite disorders, specifically TMJ;
  • Intra-Oral Camera: with the use of this tiny oral device, Dr. Sinclair is able to see and record digital images of all surfaces in the mouth and identify possible problems in their earliest stages. This is an important tool in oral cancer screening. These images can also be stored for future use and reference.

In addition to these important diagnostic tools, Dr. Sinclair uses one of the biggest technological advances in dental treatment: same day restorations created with the E4D System. This system uses CAD/CAM software to allow Dr. Sinclair to produce high grade porcelain crowns during a single visit. This saves patients bot time and money! No need for a return visit to fit the crown- this can be accomplished in approximately one hour in the comfort of Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry’s Virginia Beach office.

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