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Virginia Beach Dentist Dr. Sinclair Treats Painful TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder, which many people refer to as TMJ, is a disorder that causes pain in the muscle that control jaw movement and the jaw joint. Facial pain, headaches, teeth grinding, earaches and fractured teeth are some of the possible symptoms of TMJ disorder. It can be hard to find a TMJ dentist in Virginia Beach because most dentists did not receive this type of training when they were in dental school. Dr. Cappy Sinclair is one of the few dentists in Virginia Beach who has been trained to diagnose and treat this disorder.

Dr. Sinclair diagnoses and treats TMJ disorder by using digital technology. During your consultation, he will use an instrument called a T-Scan to perform a digital bite analysis. The T-Scan allows Dr. Sinclair to get a clear image of your bite in just a few seconds. It is also very simple to administer this test. All you will have to do is bite down on a sensor that is as thin as a wafer. The digital software will record the force of the bite and the timing. This information will then be sent to a computer to be analyzed.

The type of treatment that this Virginia Beach dentist recommends will depend on your diagnosis. Oral appliances are frequently recommended to patients who have TMJ disorder. Night guards, splints and mouth guards are examples of oral appliances. These devices can help alleviate some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder. They can also prevent some of the problems that tooth decay can cause such as gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear.

Additionally, Dr. Sinclair has been trained to perform a variety of restorative procedures that can correct damage that was done by TMJ. Porcelain veneers, dental crowns and dental bonding are examples of restorative dental procedures.