Cavity Filling Chesapeake, VA

At Coastal Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we focus on achieving natural-looking, long-lasting results. Chesapeake, VA cosmetic dentist Dr. Cappy Sinclair uses tooth-colored dental fillings for natural-looking results. White tooth-colored dental fillings have become the standard in modern dentistry.

Affordable Dental Fillings near Chesapeake, VA

A dental filling is part of a conservative treatment plan to preserve the natural tooth at our Virginia Beach, VA dental office. This restorative treatment is the most common treatment we provide in our dental office. Dr. Sinclair will use a filling for minor cracks, chips, breaks, tooth decay, or other reasons. The cavity filling not just restores strength but also protects the tooth from future damage or deterioration.

A cavity is a small hole in the tooth that decay creates by eating away at part of the tooth. If a cavity or any other type of minor tooth damage is left untreated, the bacteria in the tooth will cause the hole to progress and damage the tooth even more.

There are many benefits of repairing your teeth with dental fillings. One of the most important benefits is that it prevents any further decay from happening to the tooth. More decay can lead to much more expensive and extensive dental treatments down the line. Another benefit is that it restores your tooth’s shape, size, and strength so you don’t have to worry about looking for an alternative option because this will do the trick! The procedure may seem scary at first but with all these amazing benefits, you shouldn’t be afraid anymore.

Replacing Metal Dental Fillings

Metal dental fillings have been the gold standard for dental care for a long time. But with the advancement of technology, dentists are now replacing them with composite fillings.

Composite fillings are made from a mixture of plastic and glass that is put into the tooth to replace old fillings or decay. They are better than metal fillings because they are less likely to chip or break and can last up to ten years.

Dr. Sinclair can replace old dental fillings with tooth-colored fillings, white fillings, or composite resin. We will restore your smile and teeth to a more natural look and feel. With today’s advancements, no longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of unsightly silver fillings or metal margins of the past. Instead, eliminate your tooth’s dark, black look with modern tooth-colored resin.

What to Expect From the Tooth Filling Procedure

The procedure can be done in two ways, either by placing a metal filling in the tooth or by placing a composite filling material which is made of plastic and resin. The first step is for Dr. Sinclair to numb the treatment area for your comfort during the procedure.

Next, he will use a dental drill to remove any decayed or damaged tooth part. He will place the filling once your tooth is free of decay, bacteria, and debris. When the composite paste enters the cavity, it will mold to the exact shape of the cavity. Then, using a bright ultraviolet light, Dr. Sinclair will cure the filling. The resin material will harden very quickly. Dr. Sinclair will then polish the tooth to make sure that there is no roughness or sharp edges.

It typically takes one visit to the dentist to get a dental filling. Composite resin fillings are very durable and can last up to 15 years with proper oral hygiene.

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The foundation for long-term dental health is routine dental care. Identifying problems in the early stages allows us to recommend the most conservative methods for treatment. Preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible will save you from potentially expensive and uncomfortable procedures. Request a dental exam by giving us a call at 757-656-6368, or fill out our online form.