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Restorative Dentistry with Virginia Beach Dentist, Dr. Sinclair

Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry is the first dental office in the Virginia Beach area to offer same day restorative dentistry appointments. Most dentists require you to schedule multiple appointments to correct your dental problem, but not Dr. Cappy Sinclair. He has technology available in his office to create your dental crowns, bridges or dentures the same day. You don’t have to wait two weeks or longer to complete your dental procedure and get on with your life.

Common Problems Fixed by Our Local Dentist Office

People usually seek restorative dental therapy due to broken or missing teeth, bleeding gums, teeth grinding or a dental disease. If you are dealing with one of these issues, contact our family dentistry office in Virginia Beach to schedule a consultation appointment. During your appointment, Dr. Sinclair performs an oral examination and takes X-rays to determine which type of procedure would be the most beneficial for you.

Restorative Dentistry for Broken or Missing Teeth

Broken or missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic concern. When you lose a tooth, your risk for decay and deterioration of the bones and gums increases. Dr. Sinclair offers several treatment options to help reverse this process, including bridges, crowns or dentures.

Once a treatment plan has been chosen, Dr. Sinclair uses E4D technology to create an instant three dimensional image of your teeth. These images are sent directly to a computer in our dentist office to create an immediate impression. Dr. Sinclair uses this information to create your new dental restorations. Thanks to the E4D equipment, you leave our dentist office with your restoration in place in just one appointment.

Benefits of Same Day Restorative Dental Procedures

In the past, patients had to commit to at least two appointments spread out over a couple of weeks to get the results that Dr. Sinclair offers in one day. He understands that your smile is important to you and that you want it to look as natural as possible. Dr. Sinclair makes sure that your crown, bridge or dentures match the appearance of your natural teeth. The E4D technology ensures that you get accurate results.