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Looking for a Dentist in Virginia Beach who does Dental Implants?

Missing teeth can be embarrassing, holding you back from pursuing a career or even a romantic interest. If you’re searching for a solution, consider dental implants in Virginia Beach. If you’ve been trying to find a dentist in Virginia Beach, search no further. Dr. Cappy Sinclair is a certified cosmetic dentist who restores smiles with dental implants every day, and he can do the same for you. Implant dentistry in Virginia Beach is one of his many specialties as a local dentist.

Dental implants are a comfortable way to improve your smile. They are made of extremely durable material and are designed to attach to your jaw bone, giving you a replacement that feels and works like your natural teeth. Dental implants can help you improve your confidence and may also help with other problems, like difficulty chewing or sensitive gum areas where you’ve lost teeth. Whether you need to replace one tooth or several, implants are an easy, relatively painless solution. After having the tooth or teeth put into place, you will experience side effects, similar to having a tooth pulled, that subside after only two or three days. After receiving an implant and completing recovery, you can continue your normal teeth brushing and flossing routine with no changes.

To determine your eligibility, Dr. Sinclair will give you a comprehensive evaluation at his dental office in Virginia Beach. It is necessary to have the right bone structure in order for dental implants to work properly. Once you have been examined, Dr. Sinclair will help you determine your options and what treatment you should undergo. If you have several teeth missing, you may require a bridge. Your personal examination can help you determine the cost and healing time for your individual procedure.

If you’re considering Virginia Beach Dental Implants, don’t wait. Give Dr. Sinclair a call today and find out how you can improve your smile.