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If you improve one part of your body, then choose your teeth. Bright, perfect teeth look amazing but provide health benefits physically and mentally. Those with a flawless smile feel more confident and cannot help showing off their pearly whites. Healthy teeth also prevent other illnesses in the body. Cosmetic dental surgery keeps your mind and body happy. Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry keeps your mind, body and wallet happy.

Dr. Sinclair and his team run a family dentistry practice in Virginia Beach. Whether you need a routine tooth cleaning or a complex procedure, Dr. Sinclair has the experience necessary to make your teeth clean and shiny. Each visit will not only make your mouth feel good, but the personalized care means you feel respected as a person. Everyone at Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry will listen and address your needs whether it is helping to fit appointments into a busy schedule, answering questions or finding affordable ways to fix your teeth. Many dentists are willing to immediately start discussing procedures. Dr. Sinclair knows that every mouth is different. This is why he performs an examination of the whole mouth first and includes X-rays and a screening for gum disease. Cosmetic damage is often caused by other factors. He not only fixes the visual problem but eliminates the underlying cause. This ensures long lasting solutions.

When trying to find a local dentist in Virginia Beach, consider what services the dentist provides. Select a dentist that will be able to assist with a variety of issues. Dr. Sinclair is the only dentist needed for dental implants, crowns, teeth whitening, veneers and more. These are only cosmetic services, but Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry also provides general dentistry, TMJ therapy and restorative dentistry. This allows you to go to one doctor you can trust for any dental needs.

Dr. Sinclair is the best cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach. He uses cosmetic procedures to deliver healthier teeth and helps individuals have a better attitude. He never lets money get in the way of treating patients. His range of services, focus on specialized care for every person and understanding of how to permanently correct cosmetic problems makes him your next dentist.