The National Cancer Institute has chosen the month of April to be Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It is during this particular month that patients are urged to visit their dentist for a routine checkup, which would include a cleaning, diagnostic x-rays, and an oral cancer screening. Dr. Sinclair is a general dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia for those who are looking for a dentist office in Virginia Beach area. Dr. Sinclair regularly examines teeth at his dental office, Coastal Cosmetic Dentistry, and is gladly accepting new patients.

If you have thought about trying to find a dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dr. Sinclair is an ideal choice. He will be able to assist you by thoroughly checking the teeth and gums to make sure that everything is fine. As a general dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dr. Sinclair takes his time when screening for gum disease and oral cancer. During a visit to this general dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Dr. Sinclair will take diagnostic x-rays and will then check for oral cancer and other diseases that can occur inside the mouth. If you are suffering from oral cancer, Dr. Sinclair will be able to detect it, which means that you can get the help you need for this form of cancer right away. Early detection is the key to treating oral cancer and eliminating it.

If oral cancer were to go untreated, it would only continue to get worse and could possibly spread to other areas of the body. With a continued lack of treatment, the results of oral cancer could potentially be fatal. It is important that you pay attention to the signs of oral cancer, which include sores that are not going away and swelling inside the mouth. The general dentist in Virginia Beach, Virginia will check for these signs during the oral cancer screening. By receiving regular dental check ups in Virginia Beach, Virginia, you can keep your teeth healthy. However, you can also remain in good health because Dr. Sinclair will be able to tell you if there are any signs of cancer or gum disease.

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